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1009 Think Pl
Morrisville, NC
Phone Number: (919) 294-2500
Business Description:
Lenovo is located at 1009 Think Pl, Morrisville, NC 27560-9002. It has over 10K employees. Its revenue is over 1 Billion USD. With over $30B+ in sales, Lenovo is the fastest growing major PC maker. The company climbed to number 1 in worldwide PC market share in July2013. Today, Lenovo is a global corporation with significant operations on six continents and operating in more than 60 countries and selling products in 160. Everyone at Lenovo takes great pride in our ability to attract top talent from diverse backgrounds and from around the world. We view our differences and diversity as a source of strength in building a collaborative culture that helps us achieve our goals. We have no world headquarters and, instead, have put in place a distributed management structure that places operational hubs in centers of excellence around the world integrating this talented, diverse group into a cohesive Next Generation company. Specialties computers, laptops, netbooks, desktops, Thinkpad, Ideapad, tablets, servers, smart TV, smart phones...

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Industries: Internet & Software - IT and Network Services and Support
Employees: over 10K
Revenue: over 1 Billion USD
Ownership: Private